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Desert Flowers

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Anybody , Moderated
A community to celebrate the TemaIno (or vice-versa) love! Or friendship, whatever. All things TemaIno are welcome here. Post your fics, art, or anything else you might have here, just keep it on topic, eh?


1) Make sure to warn us if what you're posting is R or NC-17, and make sure to put it under a cut as well, so no one sees anything they don't want to.

2) Post anything containing spoilers to newer chapters under an lj-cut. Post any big fanart and long fics under lj-cuts as well.

3) Don't post things that aren't yours, post links to them instead.

4) Be nice! No flaming or fighting here, be respectful to all members. Violation of this rule shall result in banning, and I don't want to ban anyone, okay?

5) No homophobia or heterophobia, lets all be open-minded here, okay?

TemaIno is love

^Post a colorbar in your info and share the love!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me ( spork_ai) and I'll be happy to answer them.

I hope everyone enjoys this community!